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Specifications of Fern Plant

Sunlight  Partial sunlight, required shade
Soil  Does best with well draining soils that are kept moist and humus rich.
Water  Medium
Temprature 16-26 degree C
Fertilizer Use any orgainc fetilizer.  
Biotechnical Name  Nephrolepis exaltata, the sword fern, Boston Fern.
Bloom Time Grown for foliage
Flower Colours Golden yellow
Height 2-4feet
Difficulty Easy to grow
Air removal formaldehyde

Description of   Fern Plant

Plant and Care

Gather your potting supplies.

Pot your fern.

Place your fern outdoors in a warm, humid environment.

Put your Boston fern in an appropriate room indoors.

Provide your fern with indirect sunlight.

Keep the soil moist.

Give your fern monthly feedings.

Trim discolored or leafless fronds.

Protect your fern from insects

Other use of  Fern Plant

Special features: The Boston Fern looks fantastic as a stand alone plant, choice of placement will need to be considered quite carefully if your home.


Ornamental use: Used for decorations in homes, shops and offices. Good to keep inside homes and terraces.