Ajwain Plant
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Health benefits of  Ajwain Plant

Acidity Mix one table spoon of carom seeds with one table spoon of cumin seeds. 
Kidney Disorder Carom seeds are very essential to cure kidney stones.
Asthama Consuming carom seeds with warm water give instant relief from cold and expel cough and mucus from the body.
Mouth Problems Carom seeds have been proven to cure tooth pain
Digestion Carom seeds benefits digestive problems (11). Chewing 1 tbsp of raw carom seeds with sugar can help you get rid of indigestion
Viral Infection Combine yogurt with carom seeds powder. Applying this paste on face for a whole night can help to lighten acne scars 
Piles  Mix dried pomegranate flowers, poppy seeds and dried neem leaves
Stomach Problems Soak three teaspoon of carom seeds in lime juice and dry it in shade. Grind this and mix some black salt. 
Heart Health Consume one tablespoon of carom seeds with warm water to stimulate the heart
Use for cooking These seeds are widely used in Indian cooking as a spice

Specification of Ajwain Plant  

Sunlight Full sun 
Soil  Dry Soil
Water  Medium
Temprature  60 degree C.
Fertilizer  Apply any organic fertilizer
Flower Colours  White
Bloom Time Summer
Height  0.5 to 3feet.
Difficulty  Easy to grow

Carring of Ajwain Plant

The ajwain plant is very easy to grow and is equally good to look at. You could grow it as a hedge in a small garden as it is quite prolific and fills up really fast, but be careful as it can overrun other plants.

Other Uses of Ajwain Plant

The plant is used for ornamental purpose.

Ajwain leaves are used for treating colds, coughs, and fevers in infants and small children. Similar to the seeds, ajwain leaves can also provide relief from stomach problems like flatulence and other abdominal discomforts.

Immage of Ajwain